COLT Electrical float switches & Electronic liquid level regulator are used for indicating or controlling of liquid level in a vessels or in a flooded coil. It is very difficult to control the liquid level in a vessel or in a flooded coil, using a hand expansion valve and since the port size of a mechanical float valve is very small it tends to check by dirt, and other foreign particles which make the valve useless. Colt Electrical Float switches & Electronic liquid level regulator eliminates these disadvantages and it stops or regulates liquid flow to the vessels to ensure the correct liquid in the vessel.

These agitators have been provided with two white metal bearings with water seal at the bottom, which are the life of agitators. These are directly driven by motor. These comes in different models suitable for various depth of tanks as per customer's requirements.
Brine Agitator Type
V-belt Driven
These models are available in sizes 12", 16", 18" and 20" propeller sizes are 36", 48", 60" lengths as standard depths of tanks. While ordering please mention depth of the tank along with capacity for which you require these agitators. For any special size of lengths please send specifications.

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