Ammonia Pump

Evaporative Condensers


Shell & Tube Condenser

Ice Cans

Inter Cooler

Ammonia Condenser (Atmospheric)


Flake Machines

Pre Fabricated Walk in Cold Rooms

Ice Cube Machines

Tube Ice Machines
"Amoking" make Freon Compressors & Spare parts for Ice Cream Plants / Chillers.
Atmospheric Ammonia Condensers, Evaporative Condensers, Shell & Tube, Horizontal & Vertical Condensers.
Ammonia Receivers, Oil Separators, Accumulators, and Intercoolers.
Bunker Coils for Cold Storages of 1-1/4" C class bare pipe or 3/4" C class finned pipe (spiral fins / straight fins) of aluminium.
Ammonia diffusers suitable for Meat Storage, Vegetable Storage, Holding Coolers, Freezing Units, Dairy Product Coolers or any Dry Coil Air Cooling application.
Spiral Fin Tube available in Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel. Fin is maximum 25 mm high and can be suitable for pipe or tube up to 50 mm diameter. These are most efficient for Cooling Coils, Bunker Coils, and Evaporative Condensers. Spiral finish Tubes can be supplied as per customer's specifications and requirements also
Ice Bank Coils, Trunk Coils, IBT Tank, Ice Freezing Tank, Mixing and Dip Tank.
Shell & Tube Chillers, Blast Freezers, Plate Freezers, and Trolley Freezers.
Flake Ice Machines and Ice Cube Machines.
Pre-Fabricated Cold rooms made of pre-fabricated PUF / EPS panels with insulation at the center and pre-painted GI / SS sheet on both the sides. Any size of Cold Rooms can be made as per customers' requirements.
Electrical Panel for Refrigeration Plants. (Angle Iron / Cubical Type)
Cold Storage Doors, Windows.
Rotary Air Blowers of various sizes & Potato Dryers.
Axial Flow Fans with Fixed and Adjustable Blades of Aluminium / Stainless Steel.
Electronic Liquid Level Regulators, Float Valves & Solenoid Valves.
Ammonia Charging Line, Gauge Glasses and Reflex Glass Liquid Level Gauge.
Hand Hoist, Ice Cans, Can Dog, and Can Dumps.
Centrifugal Air Blower Rotor (Blower Impeller) MS / GI and their housing.
Accessories like 'U' Bends, Long & Short Bends, Sockets, 'T' and 'L' joints, Nipples, Thermometers, Ammonia Pressure Gauges, Pressure Pipe / Gauge Board Pipe.
Doors & Windows Gaskets, Air Agitation System, Agitation Pipe, Spray Nozzles, Gas Masks, Ammonia Gland Packing, Flanged Gaskets, Ammonia Gasket Sheet, Teflon Threading Tapes.
Thermo Coal & Glass Wool.
Ammonia Gas.

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