Our 'Ready to fit' hinged type Doors come in standard sizes 2100mm x 900mm, 1200mm x 750mm duly fitted in outer frame. Complete with lock sets and hinges and are suitably insulated to prevent heat loss.

These are made from malleable castings to give high degree of strength & coated with a special paint to prevent rusting.

These are made of special quality material. Their special design makes them tough and rugged for all types of cold storage doors.

These create an invisible barrier of high velocity air to provide complete protection against insects, dust, dirt and fumes from infiltrating food facilities and other clean work areas when the doors are open and these are designed for compactness and rigid construction. Double-ended shaft heavy-duty motor is mounted with balanced centrifugal fan on both sides of motor shafts and has negligible maintenance. Provide constant interior temperature by preventing the entry of hot & cold air. Eliminate pollution and contamination to improve working conditions. Prevent loss of refrigerated air-reduce humidity. Eliminate need of expensive flapper doors of canvas curtain.
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