Colt-Series Compressor are most suitable for industrial refrigeration and low Temperature. Applications such as Cold storage, Ice Plants, Fisheries plants, Ice cream plants, Dairy plants, Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical plants & Air Conditioning plants, Colt range of open type compressors are available in single as well as in double stage versions with use on Ammonia (NH3), R-12 and R-22 Refrigerant etc. They are well-designed and robust machines capable of running continuously, for prolonged period with minimum attention. These compressors by virtue of their high speed and multiplicity of cylinder exceptionally compact and economical of space They are also designed to accommodate varying refrigeration demands with maximum economy in power and are well suited to automatic installations.

The compressors are available in two different series

Single stage
- Colt-1, Colt-2, Colt-3, Colt-4, Colt-6, Colt-9, Colt-12
Double stage - Colt-21, Colt-31, Colt-42, Colt-51, Colt-63, Colt-72, Colt-84, Colt-93, Colt-102

Salient Features Of Construction

Crankcase & Cylinder Housing -
They are made of welded steel, which ensures rapid heat dissipation, and the crankcase is absolutely smooth and is provided with a special paint coating externally.

Cylinder head Cooling - Water jackets are provided to cylinder heads for low discharge temperature.

Hand hole Covers - Large hand hole covers helps in quick maintenance of parts subjected to maximum wear with minimum need of special tools.

Pump Side/Seal Covers - Bigger diameter pump side and seal side covers are provided so that without unloosing the weights, the crankshaft can be inserted into the crankcase and makes the service easier.

Crankshaft - The crankshaft is forged of special steel and ground to very fine tolerances. Dynamically balanced to ensure vibration free operation. It is carried on two wrapped bi-metallic bushes within the crankcase. When necessary this type of bearing can easily be replaced.

Shaft Seal Assembly - The drive end of the crankshaft is made totally leak proof by a special rotary face type oil seal that is finely lapped and prevents any leakage of oil and gas from this end. The seal is oil cooled by direct oil from pump to remove frictional heat.

Connecting Rods - The connecting rods are die forged of special steel and allow forced lubrication of piston pins, which moves in bronze bush. The big end of connecting rod has white metal shell type composite bearing & small end has bronze bearing grooved for uniform lubrication of piston pin bush.

Cylinder Liner - They are interchangeable and are made of fine - grained centrifugal cast, alloy iron, which are bored and honed, which provides mirror like inner surface. These are force fitted in cylinder and could be easily removable thus save servicing cost and time.

Piston & Piston Rings - The piston are cast in Aluminum alloy of high wear and corrosion resistance. These are fitted with 3-compression rings to form a sliding seal between piston and the liner wall, there by increase efficiency and two oil ring to minimize oil carry over.

Buffer Spring - Total safety is ensured by this spring, which protect compressors from incidental liquid hammer.

Bearings - The main bearings, big end bearing and the center bearing are made of steel shell, lined with metal coating. The intermediate bearings are provided with split type bearing of the same type.

Pump - Our special designed pump have gear with extended shaft, which provides long life. The gear is directly driven by the crankshaft and has a differential pressure regulator, which provides different oil pressures for lubrication and control oil system.

Lubrication - The pump takes oil from the crankcase through fine mesh strainer and delivers oil to all bearings, crankshaft seal and also to the unloading and capacity control system. The compressor is protected against oil failure by a differential oil switch, which causes the compressor to stop if the pressures fall bellow a predetermined minimum. Oil pressure can be maintained by adjustable spring loaded valve/regulator.

Sight Glass - Easy monitoring is insured by two built-in-sight glasses, making oil return flow visible.

Oil Filters - Trouble free long running life due to highly effective oil purification by two oil filters.

Cylinder Loading-
Unloading and Capacity Control System - Colt series compressors are designed to provide the compressors with a no load start thus requiring low starting torque on motor. All cylinders are built in with a valve lifting mechanism, which are working on hydraulic mechanical devise and operate on high oil pressure from the pump. For unloading, the suction valve plates are lifted free from their seats by pressuring assembly in the unloading mechanism. Loading of the cylinder is effected by admitting control oil pressure to the V.L.D piston via unloader solenoid valve, allowing the suction valve ring to descend on its seats. This capacity control could be used for stepping down capacity in response to changing loads, thus it helps to save power.

Suction Strainer - Easy cleaning of the suction gas strainer, as gauge strainer element can be removed/ replaced easily.

Safety Valves - On each compressor one or more safety valves are provided, which are made of high-grade material and built with great precision, fitted between the suction and discharge manifold. These safety valves are of reputed "SUPER" make. Being a very important component for safety of the plant and according to mutual understanding with the company, our valuable customer will also get an advantage of free of cost service once in a year on these valves.

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